“Kol Hadassah, from its very inception, offered our daughter a welcoming, caring environment. The staff deal with the girls intelligently, tirelessly and above all – with love. For us, Kol Hadassa has been a gift from Above.”
-Family T. Israel

“Kol Hadassa has been the right school for my daughter because they have dedicated teachers who really care about the students.  Sure lots of schools have that, but here the school is small and feels like a family.  We live out of town and when my daughter can’t come home for Shabbos I know she is welcome in any of the teachers homes.  I like the part of the school that is not academic.  The classes where she can explore options for her future.  Not just about where she’s going to go next but how she is going to achieve those goals.  She is only 16 and like a typical teenager she doesn’t always have her feet on the ground.  So Kol Hadassa lets her think out loud and helps her to make realistic goals.
I’m happy she is getting the online degree and we have discovered she learns better that way.  She feels more confident about herself in the academic realm and in the personal realm.”
-Pnina, Kol Hadassa Parent 2012-14

“Were it not for the patience and perseverance of the Kol Hadassa staff, my daughter’s life may have never moved forward. Although we are still in deep waters, I have every faith that she will continue to take great strides forward due to Mrs. Aminoff’s kindness and understanding that every child moves ahead according to a different schedule. It’s the journey that is important, even though the end destination is always kept in sight.”
– Kol Hadassa Parent 2013-14

“Kol Hadassah has been an amazing opportunity for my daughter.  Making aliyah at age 13 is not recommended and of course all the frustrations of adolescence were multiplied by the move.  At my daughter’s first school she was only known by her peers as “girl who draws”.  She was nameless and outside of things.  Kol Hadassa has allowed her to feel successful and accepted. She now knows that Israel is her home and her school is her community.”
– Kol Hadassa Parent 2013-14