What is the religious hashkafa (philosophy) of the school?

Kol Hadassa is an Orthodox girls’ high school. The philosophy of Kol Hadassa is inspired by Megillat Esther and the teaching that Esther had a private or hidden name, Hadassa. We believe that everyone has a voice inside of them that is often suppressed by low self-esteem. The hope of Kol Hadassa is to strengthen this inner voice so that the girls have the confidence to be true to themselves, now and in the future. Girls attend Kol Hadassa from a variety of backgrounds. The atmosphere at Kol Hadassa is one of strong Torah values and a commitment to halachic observance. If you would like to talk to us about whether the hashkafa of the school compliments and supports the hashkafa of your family, we would love to discuss this with you.

Is it possible to transfer credits for studies completed in other institutions?

Any student who has studied in a high school prior to Kol Hadassa should present their official transcripts to the school. We will then evaluate them and decide whether the student will receive credit for any previous classes.

What happens if a student is not keeping up with her original goals?

Students meet with the school yoetzet (guidance counselor) once a week to review their academic progress and goals. If a girl is moving slower than her original plan, it is important for us to pinpoint the reason. Perhaps she needs extra help, has been sick or is distracted by events outside of school. Once we determine what is slowing her down, we can work on getting her back on track.

Does a student need their own computer?

A personal computer is not necessary for success at Kol Hadassa. Any student who would like to bring one in can do so. There are computers at the school available for students to use.

Are there scholarships available?

There are no scholarships available at this time.

Is there a boarding/dorming option available?

Yes there is boarding/dorming available. Please e-mail us at admin@kolhadassa.org for more information.

Is there a dress code for the school?

Kol Hadassa is an Orthodox school which expects and encourages a high standard of tzniut (halachic modesty) from its students. We recognize that we have a diverse student body from across the spectrum of Judaism. Students are expected to dress in a manner that is sensitive to a minimum code of tzniut: skirts to the knees, sleeves to the elbow and neck lines reaching the collar bone.  If a skirt has a slit, the slit must not reach above the knee. To better understand our dress code policy please refer to the FAQ: What is the religious hashkafa (philosophy) of the school?

Are their opportunities for students to develop leadership skills?

Kol Hadassa students are encouraged to develop their initiative and take on responsibility in a variety of ways. The most popular opportunity for this is through student committees. These committees allow the girls to take charge of specific events (such as Rosh Chodesh) or projects (for example, school sweatshirts) under the supervision of a teacher. Each girl is encouraged to use her specific talents for the benefit of the school, her peers and the wider community.

How small are group classes?

Group classes are deliberately kept small with a maximum of eight girls per class.

Can you tell me more about the enrichment packets?

These assignments are inspired by historical figures and each girl is expected to complete at least one packet per year. Each packet contains eight assignments that have all been inspired by a specific figure:

  1. Research paper
  2. Science experiment + lab report
  3. History assignment
  4. Art assignment
  5. Reading and comprehension
  6. Creative writing
  7. Introduction to a language
  8. Jewish studies assignment

Each assignment has very specific instructions and requirements.

My daughter has trouble focusing for extended periods of time, how will she manage with self-study?

Removing the pressure on girls to keep up with an inflexible curriculum means that they can take as many breaks as they need. As long as we see that they are making progress (which we monitor through our weekly meetings) each girl can create her own structure. If a student needs a few minutes, to go jump up and down or do something artistic, in order to be able to focus for the rest of the day, that is perfectly acceptable.

Some students find it useful to seat themselves next to a member of staff. Gentle reminders from their teacher often helps them stay on topic. There are times when we insist upon this in order to ensure a student’s success in her studies.

My daughter has ADD/ADHD, can the school accommodate her needs?

Please see the question above on focusing issues.

My daughter has dyslexia/a processing disorder. Can the school accommodate her needs? 

Our unique method of schooling means that whatever style of learning a girl has, we do our best to accommodate her. For example, girls who find it difficult to read for long periods of time can listen to the material on an mp3 player while following along in the book.

What is the Kol Hadassa policy on bullying?

There is a strict no-bullying policy at Kol Hadassa which includes both verbal and physical abuse. Students are scheduled to meet with the school social worker/guidance counselor once a week to review their academic progress and goals. This offers each girl the privacy and opportunity to speak privately with a trusted adult in total confidence.

Is Kol Hadassa a school that accepts high-risk teens?

  • Kol Hadassa does not accept any girls who are struggling with alcohol or drug use.
  • Kol Hadassa does not have the resources or expertise to help girls suffering from psychiatric illnesses such as eating disorders.
  • Violence in any form will not be tolerated.