Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Kol Hadassa strives to provide our students with a complete curriculum that not only focuses on traditional studies, but also helps develop the girls into confident young women. For this reason, our classroom studies are supplemented by a variety of courses designed to instill the girls with decision making skills, strong self-esteem, and a healthy outlook on life. Personal Development, Health and Physical Education is the umbrella term for this element of our curriculum.

The primary component of emotional and identity development is addressed by our school yoetzet (guidance counselor). The students meet in small groups on a twice weekly basis. These small groups, which we have dubbed “student workshops” are slightly more informal than the traditional lecture or class and students are encouraged to open up and share with their classmates.

Workshop sessions may include writing or drawing activities, role-playing and the use of written and visual materials that strengthen the concepts for the students. Additionally, the workshops are the times during the week in which students can bring up challenges or issues that they are struggling with or would like to share with their classmates.

Some of our wonderful PDHPE teachers have included:

Mrs. Yehudis Schamroth, an experienced nurse, teaches a weekly class that covers a range of health-related topics which include nutrition, adolescent development, and First Aid.

In the weekly sports class, the girls can choose between going for a walk with a member of staff or taking a class with Mrs. Candice Damelin in either yoga, aerobics, or Zumba.

Rebbetzin Malky Myers meets with our older students each week to discuss the Torah perspective on relationships.