Kol Hadassa uses a fully accredited, internationally recognized home schooling program, Penn Foster, as the basis of our academic curriculum.

When a new student arrives at Kol Hadassa, an individual ‘plan of studies’ is created for her. This individual plan of studies is unique to each student and takes into account the student’s past academic achievements as well as her educational goals. Every student meets with our school yoetzet (guidance counselor) once a week to evaluate and discuss academic progress and to asses whether any adjustments need to be made.

Classes are deliberately kept  at a small student to teacher ratio. The small group size allows the instructor to make sure every girl understands the material. It also gives the teacher the opportunity to expand on the girls’ specific interests within the subject.

Kol Hadassa enriches the curriculum in a number of ways. For example, we have created enrichment packets with assignments inspired by historical figures. These packets include a multitude of assignments which include writing, language, art, history and science. Each girl is expected to complete at least one packet per year. We have found that the enrichment packets add great value to the overall curriculum and hope to add more packets to our current library.

For further information about our academic program, please go to our FAQ page.